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......@@ -39,12 +39,6 @@ This is the current TODO list for assign (not in order by priority):
A lot of the 'classes' are just used like structs. They really should have
proper constructors, etc.
3. add the 'one interface per LAN' restriction
For jails/vlinks, we need to be able ensure that only one interface on a
node is in a given LAN - this is because you cannot put more than one
interface in the same subnet. Shouldn't be too hard.
4. clean up top/ptop parsers, change output format
The parsers are currently very sensitive to syntax and ordering errors. The
......@@ -58,26 +52,6 @@ This is the current TODO list for assign (not in order by priority):
Merge back in Chris's delay node support.
10. add some sort of global allocation strategy
The idea here is to include other, already mapped, experiments in the top and
ptop files, and give assign the option to unmap existing experiments to fit
a new one in. The idea is that we'll somehow communicate the idle time and
priority of experiments to assign, so that it can try to do the 'least
damage' in decided who to kick out - and, of course, not kick out anyone if
not necessary.
There are two possible ways to do this. The first (and probably easiest) is
to use features. Give already-mapped nodes a feature with a weight
corresponding to how much we'd like to keep them swapped in. Then, modify
assign to only penalize for the feature once - because, as soon as you've
deprived an experiment of one node, you might as well swap the whole thing
The second (and possibly more correct) way is to use pclasses - this requires
the specification of pclasses in the ptop file, but the 'only penalize once'
tactic falls out naturally, since that's how we already do pclasses.
11. put link mappings into stored solutions
The current behavior of re-doing link assignment on a revert is becoming more
......@@ -95,4 +69,17 @@ This is the current TODO list for assign (not in order by priority):
up a mapping for an unassignable vnode. Doesn't seem to hurt anything, so is
low priority
(next free #:15)
15. add a 'move an entire pnode' operation
It can be very hard to get out of some situations in which a mapping is
split across two switches, because doing so involes many transitions which
may not improve the score, adn you can get into a 'tug of war' where vnodes
get dragged back and forth without any progress being made. To combat this,
I'm thinking of adding a new way to generate a new state: Rather than just
move one vnode, move all vnodes on one pnode to a pnode in another pclass.
We would do this with some random (low) probability. However, there is a
fair amount of work to do to get this to work, since there is more
bookkeeping necessary to be able to reject the transition.
(next free #:16)
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