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Add some notes about IOS commands.

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......@@ -108,3 +108,30 @@ Failed to add port 2/1 to multicast router port list.
What I finally did to resolve this was to tear down the trunk link and
EtherChannel that port was a part of, run the command on it (which succeeded
this time), and then build the EtherChannel and trunk back up.
##### IOS commands
The above commands are given under the assummption that your switches are
running CatOS. If you are running IOS, here are a few notes that may help you
'translate' the above commands.
Interfaces in CatOS are named as module/port, while interfaces in IOS are named
as TypeModule/Port - For example, if module 1 has gigabit interfaces, what you
call 1/1 in CatOS is Gi1/1 in IOS. 100Mbit Ethernet is 'Fa'. (Really, these are
'GigabitEthernet' and 'FastEthernet' respectively, but you can abbreviate them.)
In order to operate on many interfaces at once, you can issue configuration
commands like this:
range gi1/1 - 48, gi2/1 - 48, gi3/1 - 48
... which would configure all 48 Gigabit interfaces on modules 1, 2, and 3.
The equivalent of 'set port host' (which sets portfast, disabled BPDU guard,
etc.) is:
switchport host
... applied to an interface or a range of interfaces. As in:
range gi1/1 - 48, gi2/1 - 48, gi3/1 - 48
switchport host
In order to disable spanning tree, you would use:
no spanning-tree vlan 1-1005
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