Commit 1ff7fb90 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Call out to tevc to send blockstore shutdown event to experiment.

Was using internal EventSend but that is really just for talking
to boss and we need to talk to ops.
parent 8b5261a9
......@@ -2207,14 +2207,13 @@ sub PreSwap($$$$)
my $eid = $self->eid();
print "Telling nodes to shutdown remote blockstores\n";
event::EventSendWarn(objtype => "BSTORE",
objname => "rem-bstore",
eventtype => "STOP",
expt => "$pid/$eid",
host => "event-server");
if (system("$TEVC -e $pid/$eid now rem-bstore stop")) {
print "*** WARNING: Could not send blockstore shutdown event!\n";
# XXX we take down the VLANs immediately after this, so wait a bit
else {
return 0;
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