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Added section on cronjobs run on the boss node

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......@@ -151,6 +151,14 @@ TransferLog /usr/testbed/log/apache_access_log
Make sure SSL and mod_php are enabled (which is done for you if you install the
FreeBSD port)
Cron jobs: We currently have two cron jobs running for the testbed. Both can be
run out of /etc/crontab
45 1 * * * root /usr/testbed/sbin/backup
*/5 * * * * tbroot /usr/testbed/sbin/node_status
(note that the second one is run as the 'tbroot' user, but can be run as any
user that has read/write access to the database.)
Don't forget to HUP cron!
##### Last-minute synching
Right before bringing the new boss node online (if copying from an old boss node),
make sure to have copy over the latest versions of:
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