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Point to internals slides, currently only on the Web.

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......@@ -38,10 +38,14 @@ doc/* contains documentation for developers.
www/*.html and www/doc/*.html contain end-user documentation.
Good places to start would include:
- The doc/papers directory, which contains papers published about Nebed
- The doc/papers directory, which contains papers published about Netbed
- The user tutorial (www/tutorial/tutorial.html)
- The user FAQ (www/faq.html)
- The user authorization document (www/auth.html)
- Some powerpoint slides on Emulab internals, found at:
These include two files especially useful for setting up your own
testbed: "build-operate.ppt" and the first part of "security-all.ppt".
- Software architecture preliminary diagram (doc/
- Notes on the source tree and architecture (doc/arch.txt)
- Overview of some major systems (doc/overview.txt)
......@@ -108,6 +112,6 @@ Don't be shy!
We are happy to get on the phone with you, too,
for "big picture" issues and problems.
Jay Lepreau,, 801-581-4285, and the Utah testbed crew.
April 30, 2003
February 1, 2004
This file contains notes about the security of the tesbed, and what should
be done to enhance it. These notes are fairly old, so if there are
conflicts with more actively maintained files like setup*.*, believe
the latter.
the latter. For newer info, see the files "security-all.ppt" and
"build-operate.ppt" in
1) Switches/Infrastucture hardware:
1.1) Rules need to be set up on the control switch to restrict the
......@@ -9,6 +9,9 @@ In order to be able to help you debug any problems you run into or answer
certain questions, we'll need have accounts, preferably with root access if
allowed by your institution's AUP, on your boss and ops nodes, and will need to
be able to access the webserver on boss.
This is crucial during testbed installation and bringup; after that it's not
so important, except when you are upgrading to a new version of our software.
Supported environment:
This software does make some assumptions about the environment in which it is
......@@ -46,6 +49,10 @@ DHCP/BOOTP packets. Since the nodes will DHCP from boss, it is important that
there not be another DHCP server (ie. one for another part of your lab)
answering their requests.
##### Other docs:
Useful summary info and diagrams can be found in "build-operate.ppt" and
"security-all.ppt" in
##### Step -1 - Set up "ops"
Follow the instructions in the setup-ops.txt file before the ones in this file!
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