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Add info about checkpass.

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......@@ -175,9 +175,13 @@ FreeBSD ports) - don't forget to get it set up! Our strategy on boss was to
give everyone in the weel group unrestricted sudo access with:
checkpass - Need to get a copy of the dictionary that checkpass uses to check
for bad passwords when creating a new account. I'll fill out this section
soon when I figure out the best way to handle this...
checkpass - in the testbed software:
cd tbsetup/checkpass/cracklib,2.7
make all
make install
Note that these steps depend on having the dictionaries
/usr/share/dict/{propernames,words} available (standard for FreeBSD).
If they're in different places, edit the obvious makefile vars.
syslogd - Normally, sylogd on FreeBSD is run with the '-s' flag to prevent
logging to it over the network. We use network logging, so we need this
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