Commit 1c57c144 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Additional error checks.

parent 39b1477e
......@@ -148,13 +148,19 @@ $EUID = $UID = $uid;
$EGID = $GID = $gid;
print "Running mkproj...\n";
system "$wap $mkproj $protoproj";
if (system "$wap $mkproj $protoproj") {
die "Unable to create initial project $protoproj\n";
print "Running mkgrp...\n";
system "$wap $mkgroup $protoproj $protoproj";
if (system "$wap $mkgroup $protoproj $protoproj") {
die "Unable to create group for initial project $protoproj\n";
print "Running mkacct...\n";
system "$wap $mkacct $protouser";
if (system "$wap $mkacct $protouser") {
die "Unable to create account for initial user $protouser\n";
# Okay, if not ELABINELAB, then set the firstinitstate so that the web
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