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Make a note about ntfsprogs

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......@@ -37,8 +37,18 @@ a missing file, is frustrating.
3. Install tarballs for the standard FreeBSD packages. These are the
packages that contain third-party apps that Emulab uses (e.g., apache).
Again, use the tarballs you downloaded from Emulab:
Again, use the tarball you downloaded from Emulab:
and put them in your downloads directory.
and put it in your downloads directory.
4. Install the libntfs tarball. If you are enabling windows support, the
imagezip makefile will want to download the NTFS library. It first tries
fetching this from the outer boss node and failing that, from the
mothership ( If your inner boss cannot talk to the outside
world, then you will need to make sure the file is on your boss node. Grab:
and put it in your downloads directory.
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