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Add xen support install.

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<attribute name="magic">
<attribute name="features">
<attribute name="version">
<attribute name="reboot_waittime">
<attribute name="description">
<value>Generic osid for XEN virtual nodes.</value>
<attribute name="mustclean">
<attribute name="shared">
<attribute name="op_mode">
<attribute name="pid">
<attribute name="osname">
<attribute name="OS">
# Install xen support.
use strict;
use libinstall;
use installvars;
use NodeType;
use OSinfo;
use Image;
use EmulabConstants;
my $UTAHURL = "";
my $DESCRIPTORS = "$TOP_SRCDIR/install/descriptors-xen.xml";
my $XENIMAGE = "XEN41-64-STD";
sub Install($$$)
my ($server, $isupdate, $impotent) = @_;
# Replace if this script does an update for ip/domain.
return 0
if ($isupdate);
Phase "xen", "Adding XEN Support", sub {
# Load up the initial descriptors.
# Load up the images from boss.
Phase "descriptors", "Loading the Image and OS IDS", sub {
ExecQuietFatal("cd $TOP_OBJDIR/install; ".
" perl load-descriptors -a $DESCRIPTORS");
foreach my $imagename ($XENIMAGE) {
my $localfile = "$PREFIX/images/${imagename}.ndz";
my $url = "$STDIMAGESURL/${imagename}.ndz";
Phase "$imagename", "Fetching $imagename. Patience!", sub {
FetchFileFatal($url, $localfile);
$localfile = "$PREFIX/images/${imagename}.xml";
$url = "$STDIMAGESURL/${imagename}.xml";
Phase "${imagename}_xml", "Fetching $imagename metadata.", sub {
FetchFileFatal($url, $localfile);
Phase "${imagename}_load", "Loading the image descriptor.", sub {
ExecQuietFatal("cd $TOP_OBJDIR/install; ".
" perl load-descriptors -a $localfile");
# Now that XEN-STD is loaded, need to find the nodetype for
# PCVM and link them via the default_osid. We could avoid this by
# creating an xml file for the pcvm nodetype and loading it that
# way instead of as sql in database-fill-supplement.
my $pcvm = NodeType->Lookup("pcvm");
PhaseFail("Could not look up PCVM node type")
if (!defined($pcvm));
my $osinfo = OSinfo->LookupByName("XEN-STD");
PhaseFail("Could not look up XEN-STD osid")
if (!defined($osinfo));
my $nextosinfo = OSinfo->LookupByName($XENIMAGE);
PhaseFail("Could not look up $XENIMAGE osid")
if (!defined($nextosinfo));
my $diskload_osinfo = OSinfo->LookupByName("FRISBEE-MFS-PCVM");
PhaseFail("Could not look up FRISBEE-MFS-PCVM osid")
if (!defined($diskload_osinfo));
Phase "pcvm", "Updating the PCVM node type", sub {
$diskload_osinfo->osid()) == 0
or PhaseFail("Could not update the pcvm node type");
Phase "xenosid", "Updating the XEN-STD osid", sub {
$osinfo->SetNextOS($nextosinfo) == 0
or PhaseFail("Could not set the nextosid for XEN-STD");
$osinfo->SetParentOS($nextosinfo) == 0
or PhaseFail("Could not set the parent osid for XEN-STD");
$osinfo->SetRunsOnParent($nextosinfo) == 0
or PhaseFail("Could not add os_submap entry for XEN-STD");
return 0;
# Local Variables:
# mode:perl
# End:
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