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Commit 1ae826a2 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

A couple of tweaks to genirack instructions.

parent 480b4dc0
......@@ -7,9 +7,7 @@ but first lets talk about the boss/ops XEN VMs.
Briefly, the VMs are initially created as a XEN based ElabInElab on
Utah's Emulab, experiment using an NS file tailored to the eventual
environment via a bunch of attribute variables. For example, take a
look at this one, which is the basis for the BBN rack:
look at rack.ns in this directory.
The initial config lines turn on/off some Emulab features, but most
importantly causes the ProtoGeni subsystem to be configured in and the
......@@ -34,13 +32,11 @@ For each site, we need to create a directory with three files in it:
ilo.xml - The XML file of ilo info from HP
variables.txt - Some extra config variables.
Take a look at the boss:~stoller/genirack/racks/bbn directory for
examples. The variables file is a bunch of passwords, which are
random strings I generated by piping some bytes from /dev/random into
md5 and taking a substring. You can generate a new one of these files
by running:
The variables file is a bunch of passwords, which are random strings I
generated by piping some bytes from /dev/random into md5 and taking a
substring. You can generate a new one of these files by running:
boss> ~stoller/genirack/racks/ > variables.txt
./ > variables.txt
The ip.txt file is specific to the site of course, and the XML file
comes from HP via email. Note that the ROUTEABLE_IPRANGE in the NS
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# Copyright (c) 2004-2011, 2013 University of Utah and the Flux Group.
# All rights reserved.
use English;
use Getopt::Std;
use lib '/usr/testbed/lib';
use libtestbed;
foreach my $var (@VARS) {
my $pswd = TBGenSecretKey();
$pswd = substr($pswd, 0, 12);
print "${var}=$pswd\n";
source tb_compat.tcl
set ns [new Simulator]
tb-elab-in-elab 1
tb-elab-in-elab-topology xen
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute CONFIG_WINDOWS 0
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute CONFIG_MAILMAN 1
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute LOAD_PROTOGENI 1
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute CONFIG_NODBINIT 1
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute CONFIG_NOSETUP 0
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute CONFIG_GENIRACK 1
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute GENIRACK_NETWORK
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute GENIRACK_NETMASK
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute GENIRACK_ROUTER
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute GENIRACK_ILOIP
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute GENIRACK_CONTROLIP
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute GENIRACK_BOSSIP
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute GENIRACK_OPSIP
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute GENIRACK_FOAMIP
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute GENIRACK_FLOWIP
# Added Utah boss to avoid timeouts during setup.
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute NAMED_FORWARDERS ",,"
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute NAMED_ALSONOTIFY
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute GENIRACK_DOMAIN
#tb-set-elabinelab-attribute ROUTABLE_IPRANGE ""
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute GENIRACK_COUNTRY "US"
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute GENIRACK_LATITUDE "36.88560"
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute GENIRACK_LONGITUDE "-76.30741"
# Reset to admin email later.
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute GENIRACK_TBOPS ""
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute GENIRACK_TBLOGS ""
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute GENIRACK_TBSTATED ""
# We make this stuff up for the site.
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute GENIRACK_HOMEBASE ODU
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute GENIRACK_TIMEZONE America/New_York
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute SSLCERT_COUNTRY US
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute SSLCERT_STATE "Virginia"
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute SSLCERT_LOCALITY "Norfolk"
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute SSLCERT_ORGNAME "Old Dominion University"
# Do not change these too much, we might not have enough space to capture them.
tb-set-elabinelab-role-attribute boss XEN_EXTRADISKS "disk1:75G,disk2:160G,disk3:50G"
tb-set-elabinelab-role-attribute ops XEN_EXTRADISKS "disk1:10G,disk2:200G,disk3:10G"
# Do not change these.
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute MFSCONSOLE vga
tb-set-elabinelab-attribute MFSVERSION "82"
# New way of getting a routable control address for initial XEN VMs.
tb-set-elabinelab-role-attribute boss ROUTABLE_IP "routable"
tb-set-elabinelab-role-attribute ops ROUTABLE_IP "routable"
tb-set-elabinelab-role-attribute boss XEN_MEMSIZE 2096
tb-set-elabinelab-role-attribute boss XEN_CORES 2
tb-set-elabinelab-role-attribute ops XEN_MEMSIZE 2096
tb-set-elabinelab-role-attribute ops XEN_CORES 2
namespace eval TBCOMPAT {
set elabinelab_maxpcs 0
set elabinelab_hardware("boss") d710-vm
set elabinelab_hardware("ops") d710-vm
set elabinelab_nodeos("boss") FBSD103-64-STD
set elabinelab_nodeos("ops") FBSD103-64-STD
$ns run
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