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Commit 1a8edacc authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Stop using the old image constraint checking code now that

the jacks image constraint code is operating nicely.
parent 2bf57d7c
......@@ -331,14 +331,6 @@ $errmsg = "Bad dataset";
if (APT_Profile::CheckDatasets($rspecstr, $profile->pid(), \$errmsg)) {
# A temporary hack to make sure that the user does not try to run
# an x386 image on the Cloudlab cluster (ARMs). This will eventually
# get replaced with Jon's constraint checking code.
if ($profile->CheckNodeConstraints($default_aggregate_urn, \$errmsg)) {
# Use ssh-keygen to see if the key is valid and convertable. We first
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