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Added some hints about setting up sudo, a note about letting syslogd log

from the network, and notes about the ickiness of getting the SNMP MIB
index rebuilt.
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......@@ -75,7 +75,13 @@ SNMP MIBs - MIBs go in /usr/local/share/snmp/mibs. In addition to the ones
installed by the ucd-snmp package, you'll need MIBs for Cisco and Intel
switches. You can grab the Cisco MIBs from:
I'm not sure where to grab the INTEL ones.
The Intel ones can be found from the site for the 510T switches at:
Now, a step that involves some voodoo I don't quite understand: make sure that
/usr/local/share/snmp/mibs/.index exists (touch it if it doesn't), and chmod it
to 666. Now, do an snmpwalk of some device (eg. 'snmpwalk cisco1 public') -
this will force the .index file to get rebuilt. Suggestions of better ways to
rebuild this file are welcome!
DNS zones - Make sure to include the DNS configuration files from /etc/named/
......@@ -169,9 +175,7 @@ FreeBSD port)
Cron jobs: We currently have two cron jobs running for the testbed. Both can be
run out of /etc/crontab
45 1 * * * root /usr/testbed/sbin/backup
*/5 * * * * tbroot /usr/testbed/sbin/node_status
(note that the second one is run as the 'tbroot' user, but can be run as any
user that has read/write access to the database.)
*/5 * * * * root /usr/testbed/sbin/node_status
Don't forget to HUP cron!
ntpd: The boss node should be running ntpd. In FreeBSD, you can enable this with
......@@ -179,14 +183,22 @@ the line
in /etc/rc.conf. Check out the ntpd man page for configuration information.
You may want a program to allow administraor-types to run stuff easily as root.
You may want a program to allow administrator-types to run stuff easily as root.
Here at Utah, we have two: su1 (developed locally) and sudo (installed from
FreeBSD ports) - don't forget to get it set up!
FreeBSD ports) - don't forget to get it set up! Our strategy on boss was to
give everyone in the weel group unrestricted sudo access with:
checkpass - Need to get a copy of the dictionary that checkpass uses to check
for bad passwords when creating a new account. I'll fill out this section
soon when I figure out the best way to handle this...
syslogd - Normally, sylogd on FreeBSD is run with the '-s' flag to prevent
logging to it over the network. We use network logging, so we need this
feature. Re-enable it by putting:
in /etc/rc.conf
##### Step 6 - Stuff to copy from an old boss node
If you're simply moving from one boss node to another, there are a few files
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