Commit 19d1f07a authored by Kirk Webb's avatar Kirk Webb

Extract IMSI from phone and use real PLMN/MCC/MNC when configuring APN profile.

The hardwired "00101" value wasn't a good idea.
parent 1d7f00ee
......@@ -1073,6 +1073,36 @@ sub root_adbd($$) {
return $self->wait_for_adbd($node_id);
# Helper that grabs the IMSI from the phone
sub _get_imsi($) {
my ($node_id) = @_;
# Find serial number to target
my $serial = $NMAP{$node_id};
if (! $serial) {
warn "No serial number for $node_id!\n";
return 0;
my $imsi_qres = `$ADB -s $serial shell service call iphonesubinfo 3`;
if ($?) {
warn "Failed to obtain IMSI data on $node_id\n";
return undef;
# Extract out the decoded ASCII from the "parcel" response.
my @lines = split(/\n/, $imsi_qres);
shift @lines;
my $imsi = join "", map { s/^.+'([\d\.]+)\s*'.*$/$1/; s/\.//g; $_ } @lines;
if ($imsi !~ /^\d{15}$/) {
warn "Extracted IMSI for $node_id is malformed: '$imsi'\n";
return undef;
return $imsi;
# Helper to add PhantomNet APN profile and set it as default.
sub add_apn_profile($$) {
my ($self, $node_id) = @_;
......@@ -1101,7 +1131,17 @@ sub add_apn_profile($$) {
# If no existing APN profile, insert one and use that.
if ($newapn eq "No result found.") {
my $status = system("$ADB -s $serial shell content insert --uri content://telephony/carriers --bind name:s:\"phantomnet\" --bind numeric:s:\"00101\" --bind mcc:s:\"001\" --bind mnc:s:\"01\" --bind apn:s:\"internet\" --bind mmsc:s:\"\" --bind type:s:\"\" --bind current:i:1");
# Grab IMSI from phone and extract PLMN, MCC, and MNC
my $imsi = _get_imsi($node_id);
if (!$imsi) {
# Failed to get IMSI.
warn "Could not get IMSI. Cannot proceed.\n";
return 0;
$imsi =~ /^((\d{3})(\d{2}))/;
my ($plmn, $mcc, $mnc) = ($1, $2, $3);
my $status = system("$ADB -s $serial shell content insert --uri content://telephony/carriers --bind name:s:\"phantomnet\" --bind numeric:s:\"$plmn\" --bind mcc:s:\"$mcc\" --bind mnc:s:\"$mnc\" --bind apn:s:\"internet\" --bind mmsc:s:\"\" --bind type:s:\"\" --bind current:i:1");
if ($status) {
warn "Could not insert APN profile\n";
return 0;
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