Commit 1972a440 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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In slicefix, don't modify the filesystem if we do not have to.

This is not just me being anal, there is an ugly problem with
FreeBSD 5 and UFS1, see the big ole' comment I just added in the file.
parent d7443646
......@@ -28,6 +28,43 @@ case $# in
dofreebsd() {
# ARGH! FreeBSD 5, which primarily uses UFS2, internally converts
# UFS1 filesystems to an updated, UFS2 compatible form. However,
# some of the converted fields leak back to disk when the filesystem
# is unmounted, creating the potential for corruption in the following
# scenerio:
# 1. mount, update, and unmount a UFS1 FS under FBSD5
# 2. mount, update, and unmount the FS under FBSD4
# 3. go back and access the FS under FBSD5
# #2 will update the old version of the csum structure. At step
# #3, the mount will see some of the leaked info from the unmount
# in #1 and determine that it has already "upgraded" this FS and
# thus doesn't need to copy the old csum into the new one. The
# result is that it will use stale csum info.
# In theory we could encounter this problem when we slicefix
# a newly loaded FBSD image (#1), boot up and update stuff on
# the image (#2), and then create a new image with imagezip
# (#3, as imagezip uses the FBSD5 filesystem logic).
# How do we deal with this? What we will have to do is either
# fix the FBSD5 filesystem code or we will have to run a little
# hack after the slicefix unmount to undo the damage that FBSD5
# does. Currently I have not done either. Instead we avoid the
# problem as follows. Before making any change to the FS with
# slicefix, we first RO-mount the FS to see if anything needs to
# be done. If not, we just leave it alone. Since I currently
# create all new images on machines with "ad" disks and that is
# what the default fstab contains for its root device, we avoid
# making any mods with slicefix and thus avoid #1 above.
# This is clearly not a solution.
version=`uname -v | sed -e 's/FreeBSD \([0-9]\).*/\1/'`
# see if there is a root ('a') partition on this BSD slice
`disklabel ${disk}s${part} 2>&1 | grep -s -E '^[ ]+a:' >/dev/null` || {
return 1
......@@ -39,6 +76,19 @@ dofreebsd() {
echo "Fsck of $rootdev failed"
return 1
mount -o ro $rootdev /mnt || {
echo "RO-mount of $rootdev failed"
return 1
# If our disk appears anywhere in fstab, assume we are good to go
if `grep "^/dev/${disk}s" /mnt/etc/fstab >/dev/null 2>&1`; then
umount $rootdev
return 0
# We need to change something, remount RW and change it
umount $rootdev
mount $rootdev /mnt || {
echo "Mount of $rootdev failed"
return 1
......@@ -54,6 +104,12 @@ dofreebsd() {
return 1
umount $rootdev
# XXX need to fixup FS, see big comment above
if [ "x$version" = "x5" ]; then
echo "WARNING: FBSD5 may have modified the UFS1 root FS"
return 0
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