Commit 196827a6 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller

Move rc.keys up; needs to be there for the delay agent.

parent d9056751
......@@ -84,10 +84,11 @@ if (MFS()) {
"rc.rpms", "rc.startcmd");
else {
@bootscripts = ("rc.misc", "rc.mounts", "rc.accounts", "rc.route",
"rc.tunnels", "rc.ifconfig", "rc.delays", "rc.hostnames",
"rc.syncserver", "rc.keys", "rc.trafgen", "rc.tarfiles",
"rc.rpms", "rc.progagent", "rc.startcmd", "rc.simulator");
@bootscripts = ("rc.misc", "rc.keys", "rc.mounts", "rc.accounts",
"rc.route", "rc.tunnels", "rc.ifconfig", "rc.delays",
"rc.hostnames", "rc.syncserver", "rc.trafgen",
"rc.tarfiles", "rc.rpms", "rc.progagent", "rc.startcmd",
# Execute the action.
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