Commit 17fdcd50 authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson
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Fix little bugs in new synch-with-plc code.

parent 1059bfd0
......@@ -277,7 +277,7 @@ class XmlrpcNodeInfoFetcher:
def getPlabNodeInfo(self):
def getPlabNodeInfo(self,ignoreErrors=True):
nif = ['nodenetwork_ids','boot_status','hostname','site_id','node_id']
ni = self.agent.getNodes(outfilter=nif)
......@@ -718,10 +718,10 @@ class Plab:
# Check for duplicate node attributes (sanity check)
availdups = self.__findDuplicateAttrs(avail)
if len(availdups):
SENDMAIL(TBOPS, "Duplicates in %s advertised node list",
SENDMAIL(TBOPS, "Duplicates in %s advertised node list" %,
"Duplicate attributes:\n"
"Let plab support know!" % (,availdups),
"Let plab support know!" % availdups,
raise RuntimeError, \
"Duplicate attributes in plab node listing:\n%s" % availdups
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