Commit 179b3635 authored by Chad Barb's avatar Chad Barb
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Changed sitevariables table to use 'varchar(255)' for
name column instead of 'text'.
Made name column primary key.
parent dc9ca2e4
......@@ -909,11 +909,11 @@ CREATE TABLE scheduled_reloads (
CREATE TABLE sitevariables (
name text NOT NULL,
name varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
value text,
defaultvalue text NOT NULL,
description text,
KEY name (name(32))
......@@ -166,3 +166,13 @@ last_net_act,last_cpu_act,last_ext_act);
db synchronization later.)
ALTER TABLE widearea_nodeinfo ADD COLUMN external_node_id tinytext
1.126: Change 'name' column in 'sitevariables' from
text to varchar(255). Also make it a PRIMARY KEY,
and get rid of old INDEX.
This table has not yet been used.
ALTER TABLE sitevariables
CHANGE COLUMN name name varchar(255) PRIMARY KEY;
ALTER TABLE sitevariables DROP INDEX name;
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