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Bug Fix: This file is not supposed to be here!

parent 4d9f2799
# Do things to set up shared node support.
use strict;
use libinstall;
my $EID = "shared-nodes";
my $SUDO = "/usr/local/bin/sudo";
my $BATCHEXP = "$TBROOT/bin/batchexp";
my $IDIR = "$TOP_OBJDIR/install";
my $DUMPDESC = "$TBROOT/sbin/dumpdescriptor";
my $LOADDESC = "$IDIR/load-descriptors";
my $DESCRIPTORS = "$TOP_SRCDIR/install/descriptors-sh.xml";
sub InstallUpdate($$)
my ($version, $phase) = @_;
my $pid = "emulab-ops";
# If something should run in the pre-install phase.
if ($phase eq "pre") {
Phase "shared-nodes", "Setting up shared node support", sub {
# This experiment is in the usual state; swapped. The pool
# daemon will not do anything until it comes out of this
# state, since we do not want the pool daemon to add shared
# nodes unless the local testbed actually wants them. A
# local administrator will have to do the first swap in by
# running the pool daemon with the -s option.
Phase "experiment", "Creating shared node experiment", sub {
PhaseSkip("Experiment exists")
if (-d "$PROJROOT/$pid/exp/$EID");
" -q -i -k -j -w -f -n ".
" -S 'System Experiment' ".
" -L 'System Experiment' ".
" -E 'Nodes in shared mode - DO NOT DELETE' ".
" -p $pid -e $EID");
# An administrator will need to go into the web interface
# and edit the descriptors to add the appropriate node types.
Phase "descriptors", "Creating shared node descriptors", sub {
PhaseSkip("Descriptors exist")
if (ExecQuiet("$DUMPDESC -o $pid,OPENVZ-STD") == 0);
ExecQuietFatal("$SUDO -u $PROTOUSER $WAP ".
# An administrator will need to set these three sitevars
# to something appropriate for the local site.
# general/maxpoolsize
# general/minpoolsize
# general/poolnodetype
# And then check the node_auxtypes table to make sure that
# nodes have a reasonable setting for the pcvm count. If
# everything is 0, then the virtnode_capacity setting for that
# node type is not set, and you need to go edit that type in
# the web interface, and then update all of the existing entries
# in the node_auxtypes table:
# mysql> update node_auxtypes set count='NN' where type='pcvm';
# If something should run in the post-install phase.
if ($phase eq "post") {
return 0;
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