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Commit 140ff457 authored by Kirk Webb's avatar Kirk Webb

Enforce 'vlan' encapsulation for links/lans with remote blockstores.

parent 0f3d6f49
......@@ -2905,8 +2905,9 @@ sub GenVirtLans($)
# The OS on all nodes in a lan containing remote blockstores
# (sanlan) must support the "rem-bstore" OS feature.
if ($sanlan && $nodesdo{"rem-bstore"} != $realnodes) {
tberror("The OS on all nodes in sanlan $vname must support ".
"remote blockstores.\n");
tberror("$vname: All nodes connecting to a link/lan that ".
"includes remote blockstores must support the ".
"'rem-bstore' OS feature!\n");
return -1;
......@@ -3079,6 +3080,12 @@ sub GenVirtLans($)
if ($sanlan && $vlan->_encapstyle() ne "vlan") {
tberror("$vname: Links/LANs that host remote blockstores must ".
"use 'vlan' encapsulation!\n");
return -1;
# For links involving virtnodes, we prefer to use virtual links.
# But we can only do this if all involved nodes support a common
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