Commit 137fa49e authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Fixes to BSTORE event send.

parent 89f83d2e
......@@ -2203,8 +2203,10 @@ sub PreSwap($$$$)
if ($which eq $EXPT_SWAPOUT && $self->UsingRemBlockstore() > 0) {
require event;
my $pid = $self->pid();
my $eid = $self->eid();
print STDERR "Telling nodes to shutdown remote blockstores\n";
print "Telling nodes to shutdown remote blockstores\n";
event::EventSendWarn(objtype => "BSTORE",
objname => "rem-bstore",
eventtype => "STOP",
......@@ -5009,9 +5011,10 @@ sub UsingRemBlockstore($)
return -1
if (!ref($self));
# Must be swapped in
# Must be swapped in or in the process of swapping out (PreSwap above)
return -1
if ($self->state() ne EXPTSTATE_ACTIVE);
if ($self->state() ne EXPTSTATE_ACTIVE &&
$self->state() ne EXPTSTATE_SWAPPING);
my $idx = $self->idx();
my $query_result =
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