Commit 1319a338 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Minor bug fix; inner_elab_role will be NULL for the firewall node, so

skip that instead of core dumping.
parent d1b88a5b
......@@ -5348,7 +5348,8 @@ COMMAND_PROTOTYPE(doemulabconfig)
" vn.eid=r.eid "
"left join virt_lans as vl on vl.vnode=r.vname and "
" and vl.eid=r.eid "
"where'%s' and r.eid='%s'",
"where'%s' and r.eid='%s' and "
" vn.inner_elab_role is not null",
4, reqp->pid, reqp->eid);
if (!res) {
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