Commit 10c58602 authored by Srikanth Raju's avatar Srikanth Raju Committed by Leigh B Stoller
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Oops. xvda*, not sd*

parent 0adf77f0
......@@ -126,11 +126,11 @@ if (system("tar -xvzf $infile -C $workdir")){
goto cleanup;
# TODO: Proper sda size based on image size?
# TODO: Proper xvda1 size based on image size?
# TODO: Maybe handle bootopts
# Create the "special" xm.conf
my $heredoc = <<XMCONF;
disksizes = 'sdb:2.00g,sda:12.00g'
disksizes = 'xvda2:2.00g,xvda1:12.00g'
memory = '256'
disk = ['phy:/dev/xen-vg/pcvm666-1,xvda1,w','phy:/dev/xen-vg/pcvm666.swap,xvda2,w']
kernel = 'kernel'
......@@ -147,14 +147,14 @@ print FH $heredoc;
# Image zip the raw image
if (system("$zipper -o -l $workdir/image $workdir/sda")) {
if (system("$zipper -o -l $workdir/image $workdir/xvda1")) {
print STDERR "*** Failed to greate image!\n";
print STDERR " command: $zipper -o -l $workdir/image $workdir/sda\n";
print STDERR " command: $zipper -o -l $workdir/image $workdir/xvda1\n";
# Tar everything up and then imagezip
my $cmd = "$TAR zcf - -C $workdir sda xm.conf kernel initrd | $zipper -f - $osid.ndz";
my $cmd = "$TAR zcf - -C $workdir xvda1 xm.conf kernel initrd | $zipper -f - $osid.ndz";
if (system("$cmd")) {
print STDERR "*** Failed to create image!\n";
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