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Mention how to build iperfd

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......@@ -31,12 +31,17 @@ Running an experiment with the auto-pelab scripts:
that you'd like to test:
Go to your testbed source tree
Run 'cvs up'!!!
Run 'gmake' in pelab/stub and pelab/libnetmon (on a DevBox machine)
Run 'gmake' in pelab/stub, pelab/magent, pelab/libnetmon and pelab/iperfd
(on a DevBox machine)
From the root of your source tree, run:
tar czvf /proj/tbres/my-pelab.tar.gz pelab
Of course, don't name it 'my-plab.tar.gz'! You can put this file in
a subdirectory if you want, but it must be somewhere in
Or you can use the pelab/make-tarball script to create the tarball:
cd pelab; ./make-tarball /proj/tbres/my-pelab.tar.gz
It is a little more selective about what goes in the tarball.
Put the path to your tarball in the pelab_tar variable in auto-pelab.ns
2) Read the user-settable options at the top of auto-pelab.ns and change them
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