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Commit 0f57c000 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

Make stated actually behave as I said it did in the last commit.

parent 39bf7746
......@@ -897,10 +897,8 @@ sub stateTransition($$) {
"and reset the eventstate before powering on.";
"STATED: $node entered state $newstate",
"Stated Daemon <".$TBOPS.">");
SENDMAIL($dest, "STATED: $node entered state $newstate",
$msg, "Stated Daemon <".$TBOPS.">");
/^RELOADOLDMFS$/ && do {
......@@ -1212,6 +1210,13 @@ sub handleCommand($$;$$) {
$TBPOWERON => "on",
$TBPOWEROFF => "off");
my $func = $funcmap{$command};
if ($soft_secviolation && $func eq "off" && @nodes > 0 &&
$nodes{$nodes[0]}{state} eq TBDB_NODESTATE_SECVIOLATION) {
info("soft SECVIOLATION: NOT powering off $params\n");
info("Sending power $func for nodes: $nodelist\n");
# Permissions were checked in order to send the message,
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