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Commit 0e5b049e authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Addition for Kirk; run the tbadb command as needed. We are going to have to

some more work to handle these special cases like libossetup does, lest we
get a lot of special cases.
parent 115d75ea
......@@ -91,6 +91,7 @@ my $IMAGE_SETUP = "$TB/sbin/image_setup";
my $ARPLOCKDOWN = "$TB/sbin/arplockdown";
my $TARFILES_SETUP = "$TB/bin/tarfiles_setup";
my $ELAB_SETUP = "$TB/sbin/elabinelab";
my $TBADB = "$TB/bin/tbadb";
# Cache of instances to avoid regenerating them.
my %aggregates = ();
......@@ -1972,11 +1973,13 @@ sub WaitForNodes($$@)
foreach my $node (@nodes) {
my $node_id = $node->node_id();
my $failed = 0;
push(@failed, $node)
if (defined($node->_sliver()) &&
$node->_sliver()->status() eq "failed");
if (defined($node->_sliver()) &&
$node->_sliver()->status() eq "failed") {
push(@failed, $node);
$failed = 1;
if (defined($node->_image()) && defined($node->_sliver()) &&
......@@ -1992,6 +1995,21 @@ sub WaitForNodes($$@)
# will problem nodes. Might want revisit this.
# Special for Kirk, need to work on handling this more generally
if (!$failed) {
my $adb_target;
$experiment->GetVirtNodeAttribute($node->vname(), "adb_target",
next if
if (system("$TBADB -n $node_id forward") != 0) {
print STDERR "Could not setup adb forwarding for $node_id!\n";
# Create a logfile from the boot log.
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