Commit 0da9a93c authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Bug Fix to ticket release; bridge physical nodes are potentially

reused in the topo (since most of our nodes can bridge two links), and
the ticket release was confused by that. This is the actual problem
that was encountered when tarfiles setup was failing; nothing to to do
with tarfiles, just the ticket release.
parent 15d03bc6
......@@ -813,8 +813,12 @@ sub Release($$)
if (defined($restable) &&
(!defined($restable->{'genisliver_idx'}) ||
$restable->{'genisliver_idx'} == 0)) {
# Bridge nodes could be listed twice, and nfree does not like
# it when a node is in the list twice.
if (! grep {$_ eq $node->node_id()} @nodeids) {
push(@nodeids, $node->node_id());
push(@nodes, $node);
# So we can tell if we need to deallocate a physical
# host once all the VMs on it are gone.
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