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More stuff as I go through old email.

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......@@ -8,6 +8,11 @@ importance should be obvious. Whoever does this work *will* program in the
dominate style of the existing, newly written, 4500 lines of code! Now, if
I could just figure out how to add a php mode to emacs ...
* tbend should work from the database, not the .ir file.
* Put a limit on the number of new users/projects that can be
unapproved (to prevent DOS attacks on the database).
* Run arguments through addslashes to quote special characters since
things like ' in strings mess up database insertion.
......@@ -23,11 +28,18 @@ I could just figure out how to add a php mode to emacs ...
include the uid in the existing cookie (the one I added to send back the
hash key).
* Look at the 'suexec' program from the Apache distribution and use it
as the basis for the "run as a user" program. Instead of checking
the home directory, it'll check the database.
* Fix the email list problem. Right now we add people people to the two
email list files in /usr/testbed/www/maillist when they apply. We should
either delay that until they are approved, or make sure they get taken
back out when denied.
* Add verification for when the user wants to change the email address
through user mod page, to ensure the email is valid.
* Minor bells and whistles and formatting changes. Or maybe I mean fancy
things up a tiny bit. I tend to be a minimalist (my favorite example is
the google search page compared to the Lycos or netscape page), but my
......@@ -67,6 +79,8 @@ I could just figure out how to add a php mode to emacs ...
* Admin page to remove an experiment.
* Admin page to control node settings (OS, etc.)
* Add confirm buttons in various places. I did one in the end experiments
page, as a simple button (so you gotta press two things). I think this
appproach is fine.
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