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......@@ -147,11 +147,22 @@ tip/capture state:
***** Procedures
Serial/BIOS setup: (not complete)
1. Set the PXE boot order
2. Set serial speed to 115.2k baud, no flow control
3. Set the power-on boot action to "always on"
4. Password protection:
Note: Possibly scriptable
1. Main menu
processor serial number -> disabled
2. Security menu
set supervisor password (NOT user password)
user level access -> view only
3. Boot menu
after power fail -> power on
1st boot -> <first PXE choice>
2nd boot -> floppy
3rd boot -> IDE-HD
the rest -> disable
4. System management menu
serial baud -> 115200
flow control -> none
Note: Possibly scriptable, but probably not worth it
MAC Address gathering: (Rob and Mike will set up)
1. Set up a pool of dynamic DHCP addresses - unknown (aka new) machines
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