Commit 0c9716da authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Convert link iface error from fatal to user error, so tbops does

not see it, it really is a user error.
parent 9f32df96
......@@ -4711,6 +4711,8 @@ sub SliverWorkAux($$$$$$$$)
my $iface_name = $ifacemap{$node_id}->{$iface_id};
if (!defined($iface_name)) {
$message = "Inconsistent ifacemap; $node_id,$iface_id";
$response = GeniResponse->Create(GENIRESPONSE_BADARGS,
undef, $message);
goto bad;
if (GeniHRN::IsValid($iface_name)) {
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