Commit 0c404afa authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Minor bug fix to StartSlivers() failure handling; there is no ticket,

must use the manifest.
parent 4fe3217b
......@@ -824,13 +824,12 @@ sub StartSlivers($$$$)
if (@failed) {
foreach my $resource (@failed) {
my $manager_urn = $resource->manager_urn();
my $ticketstr = $resource->Ticket();
my $ticket = GeniXML::Parse($ticketstr);
my $manifest = $resource->Manifest();
return -1
if (!defined($ticket));
if (!defined($manifest));
foreach my $ref (GeniXML::FindNodes("n:node",
$ticket)->get_nodelist()) {
$manifest)->get_nodelist()) {
my $vname = GeniXML::GetVirtualId($ref);
my $this_manager_urn = GeniXML::GetManagerId($ref);
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