Commit 0b31cf27 authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson
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Docker clientside: for consoles, make sure to attach/open all std fds.

I'm not sure if all containers will want stdin opened or attached on
console (i.e. for the master process), but for now we'll just turn it
parent 620694f6
......@@ -2711,6 +2711,11 @@ sub vnodeCreate($$$$)
# network right away!)
my %args = ( "Tty" => JSON::PP::true,"Image" => $newimagename );
# XXX: I wonder if not all containers will want this, but who knows.
$args{'AttachStdin'} = JSON::PP::true;
$args{'AttachStdout'} = JSON::PP::true;
$args{'AttachStderr'} = JSON::PP::true;
$args{'OpenStdin'} = JSON::PP::true;
my @hostspairs = ();
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