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Update pages for new frisbee snapshot

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......@@ -153,7 +153,7 @@ function WRITESIDEBAR() {
if ($rootEmulab) {
WRITESIDEBARBUTTON("Papers (Aug 1)", $TBDOCBASE, "pubs.php3");
WRITESIDEBARBUTTON("Software <font size=-1> ".
"(June 14)</font>",
"(Oct 21)</font>",
$TBDOCBASE, "software.php3");
WRITESIDEBARBUTTON("People", $TBDOCBASE, "people.php3");
WRITESIDEBARBUTTON("Photo Gallery", $TBDOCBASE, "gallery/gallery.php3");
......@@ -17,13 +17,25 @@ PAGEHEADER("Emulab Software Distributions");
<li> <img src="/new.gif" alt="&lt;NEW&gt;">
<a href="/downloads/frisbee-20030618.tar.gz">Frisbee Server and
<a href="/downloads/frisbee-snapshot-20031021.tar.gz">
Updated Frisbee Server and Client Source Snapshot</a>.
This is a ``snapshot'' of the current development tree. It includes the
NTFS framework that was not in the previous release as well as some
bug fixes and additional features.
Please take a look at the
<a href="/downloads/frisbee-README-20031021.txt">README</a>
file for more information on the changes.
<a href="/downloads/frisbee-fs-20031021.iso">updated ISO image</a>
includes binaries built from the current sources.
<li> <a href="/downloads/frisbee-20030618.tar.gz">Frisbee Server and
as described in our paper <cite><a href="pubs.php3">Fast, Scalable Disk
Imaging with Frisbee</a></cite>, to appear at
<a href=''>USENIX 2003</a>.
Please take a look at the
<a href="/downloads/frisbee-README.txt">README</a> file for a better
<a href="/downloads/frisbee-README-20030618.txt">README</a>
file for a better
idea of how we use Frisbee in the Testbed, and how to setup a
simple Frisbee demonstration on your network. Use this
<a href="/downloads/frisbee-fs-20030618.iso">ISO image</a>
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