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Commit 0a057238 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Handle reloadinfo as list instead of singleton, but of course we do

not support deltas on OPENVZ.
parent e753a138
......@@ -1021,6 +1021,9 @@ sub vz_vnodeCreate {
elsif (defined($raref)) {
# reloadinfo can be a list now, but we do no support that here.
$inreload = 1;
# Tell stated via tmcd
......@@ -2572,7 +2575,7 @@ sub GClvm($)
sub createImageDisk($$$$$)
my ($image,$vnode_id,$raref,$tarfile,$lvsize) = @_;
my $tstamp = $raref->{'IMAGEMTIME'};
my $tstamp = $raref->[0]->{'IMAGEMTIME'};
my $lvname = "image+" . $image;
my $imagepath;
my $lvmpath = lvmVolumePath($lvname);
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