Commit 09dcc801 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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This is not a Bug Fix, but I want it pushed to stable this time

around; Remove the trac ticket link and replace with a pointer to
the emulab-users help forum.
parent 0d2d88d9
......@@ -1225,12 +1225,12 @@ function PAGEFOOTER($view = NULL) {
echo " <tr>\n";
if ($login_user) {
echo " <td class=reportbug>";
echo " <a href='$TBBASE/gototrac.php3?do=newticket&login=1'>";
echo " Report Bug, Gripe, Request Feature</a>";
echo " <td class=reportbug>Questions? Join the ";
echo " <a href=''>";
echo " Help Forum</a>";
echo " </td>";
echo " <td class=contact>Questions? Contact $TBMAILADDR</td>";
echo " <td class=contact>Bug? Contact $TBMAILADDR</td>";
echo " </tr>\n";
echo " </table>\n";
echo " <!-- end copyright -->\n";
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