Commit 09d78ac6 authored by Kevin Atkinson's avatar Kevin Atkinson
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parent 9d021a07
create table report_error (
seq integer unsigned not null primary key,
stamp integer unsigned not null,
session integer unsigned not null,
attempt tinyint(1) not null,
severity smallint(3) not null,
script smallint(3) not null,
error_type varchar(255) not null,
index (session)
create table report_context (
seq integer unsigned not null primary key,
i0 integer,
i1 integer,
i2 integer,
vc0 varchar(255) default null,
vc1 varchar(255) default null,
vc2 varchar(255) default null
create table report_assign_violation (
seq integer unsigned not null primary key,
unassigned integer,
pnode_load integer,
no_connect integer,
link_users integer,
bandwidth integer,
desires integer,
vclass integer,
delay integer,
trivial_mix integer,
subnodes integer,
max_types integer,
endpoints integer
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