Commit 08a0bed6 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Bug Fix: fix undefined variable warning/error.

parent 07861e75
......@@ -4176,8 +4176,10 @@ sub InterpNodes($)
my $vnode = $self->vnodes()->{$vname};
my $fixed = $self->fixednodes()->{$vname};
# Delay and internal nodes do not have an entry in vnodes().
if (! ($vnode->_isvirtnode() && $vnode->_fixedvm()));
if (! (defined($vnode) &&
$vnode->_isvirtnode() && $vnode->_fixedvm()));
$self->AddNodeToSolution($vname, $self->solution()->{'V2P'}->{$fixed})
if (!exists($self->solution()->{'V2P'}->{$vname}));
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