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Removed a step that is no longer necessary.

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......@@ -62,13 +62,8 @@ Create the /etc/mail/lists directory, which will be used to store mailing lists
for testbed-users and testbed-activeusers, which can be used to conveniently
send mail to all and all active users, respectively.
Add the following entries to your /etc/mail/aliases file:
testbed-activeusers: :include:/etc/mail/lists/testbed-active-users
testbed-active-users: :include:/etc/mail/lists/testbed-active-users
testbed-users: :include:/etc/mail/lists/testbed-users
If you're running your testbed-ops list off a different mailserver, you
might want to add something like:
might want to add something to your /etc/mail/aliases file like:
Or, you can make a file containing all the people on the testbed-ops list
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