Commit 07915aa1 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Make the mapper wrapper the default. Long the live the mapper.

Death to the wrapper.
parent fd0a2f8e
......@@ -974,11 +974,11 @@ sub doSwapin($) {
# that did not boot.
my $exitcode;
my $cmd = "$wrapper";
if (EmulabFeatures->FeatureEnabled("NewMapper",
my $cmd = "$mapper";
if (EmulabFeatures->FeatureEnabled("OldMapper",
$this_user, $group, $experiment) ||
$this_user->stud() || $experiment->virtnode_count()) {
$cmd = "$mapper";
$cmd = "$wrapper";
$cmd .= " -f"
if ($type == RETRY);
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