Commit 0786c685 authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci

In listVlans(), ignore the System VLAN, to be consistent with the way

we treat Ciscos (in which we ignore VLAN #1)
parent 2edf2943
......@@ -863,6 +863,13 @@ sub listVlans($) {
my @list = ();
foreach my $vlan_id ( sort {$a <=> $b} keys %Names ) {
# Special case - we don't want to list the System VLAN, as that's
# where ports that are not in use go. (This is the same as ignoring
# VLAN #1 on Cisco's
next if ($Names{$vlan_id} eq "System");
# Check for members to avoid pushing an undefined value into
# the array (which causes warnings elsewhere)
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