Commit 07660827 authored by Kirk Webb's avatar Kirk Webb
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Only add protocol spec to storageconfig output if present.

parent 061481ed
......@@ -4334,8 +4334,14 @@ sendstoreconf(int sock, int tcp, tmcdreq_t *reqp, char *bscmd, char *vname)
bufp = buf;
bufp += OUTPUT(bufp, ebufp-bufp,
"%s CLASS=%s PROTO=%s BSID=%s",
bscmd, class, protocol, placement);
"%s CLASS=%s BSID=%s",
bscmd, class, placement);
/* Add the protocol to the buffer, if present.*/
if (strlen(protocol)) {
bufp += OUTPUT(bufp, ebufp-bufp, " PROTOCOL=%s",
/* Add the mountpoint to the buffer, if requested.*/
if (strlen(mountpoint)) {
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