Commit 074d95bf authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Minor bug fix to previous revision.

Cleanup the debugging output in nodejailosid.
Make sure that virtnodes get a reasonable default osid
based on the node type info.
parent e6a4827e
......@@ -1214,8 +1214,15 @@ sub LoadVirtNodes($)
elsif ($isvirt) {
# Silly default.
my $osinfo = OSinfo->LookupByName("OPENVZ-STD");
my $osinfo;
if ($nodetype->type() eq "pcvm") {
# Silly default.
$osinfo = OSinfo->LookupByName("OPENVZ-STD");
else {
# Grab it from the typeinfo.
$osinfo = OSinfo->Lookup($nodetype->default_osid());
......@@ -5505,6 +5512,8 @@ sub InterpLinksAux($)
$protolink->SetType((defined($protovlan) ?
"emulated" : "vlan"));
$protovlan->SetAttribute("link/lan", $lan)
if (!defined($protolan));
$protolink->AddInterface($nodeA, $vnodeA, $vportA,
......@@ -6204,17 +6213,19 @@ sub nodejailosid($$)
my $posinfo = $virtnode->_parent_osinfo();
my $nextosid;
$self->printdb("nodejailosid: $virtnode, $osinfo\n");
if (!defined($posinfo)) {
return undef
if (!defined($osinfo->nextosid()));
$osinfo = $osinfo->ResolveNextOSID($self->experiment());
my $newosinfo = $osinfo->ResolveNextOSID($self->experiment());
return undef
if (!defined($osinfo));
$nextosid = $osinfo->osid();
if (!defined($newosinfo));
$nextosid = $newosinfo->osid();
if (defined($nextosid)) {
$self->printdb("Mapping VM osinfo $osinfo to ".
"$nextosid on $virtnode\n");
"$newosinfo on $virtnode\n");
else {
tbwarn("Could not map jail osid to real osid on $virtnode\n");
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