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Console line setup.

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In case of emergency!
Booting paper
The tip line for paper is on (standard desktop
You can talk to power controller number 9 from snake by using "tip
apc" to talk to power9. User is "apc", password is "^pwr". The
outlets are set up as follows:
plastic - 8
paper - 6
cyclades2 - 5
cyclades1 - 7
The boot blocks are set up so that they will let you interrupt the
boot on the VGA, but if you leave that alone, the last stage loader
will run on the serial line. You can interrupt the boot there.
Note that Mike and I built/installed new boot blocks on paper/plastic
and snake that run at 115200. The defaul is 9600 for all 3 stages.
Booting plastic
The tip line for plastic is on paper. Same comments as above apply.
Remember that you can power cycle plastic from snake using the tip
line to the APC.
Booting tipserv1
The console line for tipserv1 is on plastic. At present there is no
power controller for it.
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