Commit 06b73456 authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci

Hack for Powder's font

parent c64864ee
......@@ -119,6 +119,9 @@ $PAGEHEADER_FUNCTION = function($thinheader = 0, $ignore1 = NULL,
<link rel='stylesheet' href='css/bootstrap.css'>
<link rel='stylesheet' href='css/quickvm.css'>
<link rel='stylesheet' href='css/$APTSTYLE'>";
if ($ISPOWDER) {
echo "<link href='' rel='stylesheet'>";
echo "<script src='js/lib/jquery.min.js'></script>\n";
echo "<script>APT_CACHE_TOKEN='" . Instance::CacheToken() . "';</script>";
echo "<script src='js/common.js?nocache=asdfasdf'></script>
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