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openvpn notes

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......@@ -111,6 +111,12 @@ command to save the errors.
Grab (inner) boss:/usr/testbed/etc/elabman.pswd and store it in our
file. See Utah (outer) boss:~stoller/genirack/racks/pswd.txt.
*** New: Grab /usr/testbed/etc/{emulab.pem,openvpn-client.pem} and put
them in the rack subdir (in a "vpn" subdir please) on outer boss.
This is what we need to connect to the VPN (openvpn) that will be
running on the control node, that allows you to access the ilo
managment interfaces remotely.
Now ssh (as root) into inner ops:
ops> cd /usr/testbed/obj/testbed/install
......@@ -278,6 +278,17 @@ Setting up an InstaGeni Rack. First, we need the following info:
Run named_setup. Tail /var/log/messages to look for errors.
* Copy the openvpn certs from boss over to the control node.
boss> scp -p /usr/testbed/etc/openvpn-server.pem elabman@control:openvpn
boss> scp -p /usr/testbed/etc/emulab.pem elabman@control:openvpn
* Start the openvpn server on the control node.
control> cd /etc/openvpn
control> sudo ln -s ~elabman/openvpn/openvpn.conf emulab.conf
control> sudo /etc/rc3.d/S16openvpn start
* Now it is time to power on the experimental nodes. If all goes well,
they will boot up into FreeBSD MFS and be in the hwdown experiment.
Before we release them, we want to change some settings on the ilo.
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