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Commit 056ca783 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

Netbed -> Emulab

parent c3eec3e6
......@@ -88,14 +88,14 @@ ICMP type is 6, ICMP code is 6. Length of the ICMP must be at least
32 bytes if key checking is enabled.
Use in Netbed:
Use in Emulab:
At boot, a node checks in with Netbed Central ("boss" node) over a
At boot, a node checks in with Emulab Central ("boss" node) over a
secure SSL connection using the TMCD protocol ("tmcc ipodinfo"). During
this checkin, the boss generates a random key for the IPOD, stores the key
in its database, and replies to the node sending the key and its own IP
information. The node parses the addr/mask/key information and configures
the kernel using sysctls. If the node cannot contact Netbed Central,
the kernel using sysctls. If the node cannot contact Emulab Central,
it does not configure an IPOD key and IPOD processing is disabled.
(Perhaps a better way to do this would be a challenge-response protocol,
but that might add complexity, and the goal of IPOD is to be completely
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