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Add instructions for the 'firstuser' script.

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......@@ -20,16 +20,18 @@ mysql tbdb < sql/database-create.sql
##### Step 1 - Setup users
You'll need to start by creating an admin user. Currently, there is no
automated way to do this - the easiest thing to do is contact Utah and ask for
an example entry. We hope to remedy this problem before too long.
At this point, it's a good idea to get the nfs mounts between boss and ops
setup, as well at the ssh root keys. See the boss and ops setup documents for
Run 'mkacct <username>' for the user you just created. This will set up a Unix
account for them on the boss and ops nodes.
Run the 'firstuser' script. This will get put in the utils subdirectory of your
boject tree. (Note: configure will not set the executable bit on the script, so
you'll need to set it yourself, or run 'perl firstuser'.) This script will let
you create the first user and project in the database. By default, it will grab
information about the account it's being run as (propably you,) or you can
supply a sername, an encrypted password string (grab it from a password file,)
etc. This script will also prompt you to create the first project - we suggest
you create an 'emulab-ops' project.
If you want to make sure that this account is a member of any Unix groups (such
as wheel,) run 'unixgroups -a <uid> <gid> ...'
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