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Check in our 4 testbed papers, and a README explaining where they

were published.

Add references to them in the top-level README and the frisbee README
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......@@ -29,6 +29,7 @@ doc/* contains documentation for developers.
www/*.html and www/doc/*.html contain end-user documentation.
Good places to start would include:
- The doc/papers directory, which contains papers published about Nebed
- The user tutorial (www/tutorial/tutorial.html)
- The user FAQ (www/faq.html)
- The user authorization document (www/auth.html)
This directory contains various papers that have been written about
Netbed and Emulab. Its current contents are:
An Integrated Experimental Environment for Distributed Systems and
Networks, by White, Lepreau, Stoller, Ricci, Guruprasad, Newbold, Hibler,
Barb, and Joglekar, appeared at OSDI 2002, December 2002.
Fast, Scalable Disk Imaging with Frisbee, by Mike Hibler, Leigh Stoller,
Jay Lepreau, Robert Ricci, and Chad Barb, to appear at USENIX 2003, June
A Solver for the Network Testbed Mapping Problem, by Robert Ricci, Chris
Alfeld, and Jay Lepreau. University of Utah Flux Group Technical Note
2002-05. Revised version to appear in SIGCOMM Computer Communications
Review (CCR), issue dated April 2003.
Lowering the Barrier to Wireless and Mobile Experimentation, by Brian
White, Jay Lepreau, Shashi Guruprasad; appeared at HotNets-I, October 2002.
[Note: This file contains some mail exchanged about the design and
implementation of Frisbee. For a better discussion, read
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