Commit 03cd8bfe authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller

Fix minor mistake in last revision.

parent a83d2ec7
......@@ -935,8 +935,8 @@ handle_request(int sock, struct sockaddr_in *client, char *rdata, int istcp)
* XXX: We allow remote nodes to use UDP for isalive/rusage only!
if (!istcp && !reqp->islocal &&
(command_array[i].func != doisalive ||
command_array[i].func != dorusage)) {
!(command_array[i].func == doisalive ||
command_array[i].func == dorusage)) {
error("%s: Invalid request (%s) from remote node using UDP!\n",
reqp->nodeid, command_array[i].cmdname);
goto skipit;
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