schema definition for extensions.

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# Your extension should have its own namespace to disambiguate it from
# others.
default namespace = ""
# This is meant to specify maximum sliver lifetime,
# that will be honored by the CM. It takes precedence over
# the default limit imposed by CM on all users.
MaxLifeTime = element max_sliver_lifetime {xsd:integer}
# It is meant to specify exception limits to resource allocation
# at the granularity of node type.
ComponentType = element component_type {
attribute type {string} &
attribute count {string}
# It allows CM to limit the total number of components allocated
# to a user within a slice.
MaxComponents = element max_components {
attribute limit {xsd:integer} &
# policy exceptions enable CM to let specific users
# pass through certain policies.
PolicyExceptions = element policy_exceptions {
element policy {string}*
# All of the above are extensions specified in credential.
start = MaxLifeTime | MaxComponents | PolicyExceptions
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