Commit 02dcd6ef authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Don't bother to set TMCCUNIXPATH, the proxy is detected elsewhere

by other means.
parent 7f0c99cd
...@@ -818,15 +818,9 @@ sub startproxy($) ...@@ -818,15 +818,9 @@ sub startproxy($)
$tmccpid = fork(); $tmccpid = fork();
if ($tmccpid) { if ($tmccpid) {
# #
# So tmcc will work nicely inside the jail without needing the # Create a proxypath file so that libtmcc in the jail will know to
# -l option specified all over. # use a proxy for all calls; saves having all clients explicitly
# # use -l for every tmcc call.
$ENV{'TMCCUNIXPATH'} = $insidepath;
# The above is good only for direct decendents of the init process.
# So, the above will be phased out in favor of a file in the usual
# place to clue the client in.
# #
mysystem("echo $insidepath > $dir/root/${BOOTDIR}/proxypath"); mysystem("echo $insidepath > $dir/root/${BOOTDIR}/proxypath");
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